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Livestock breeders show & sale

The Livestock Breeders Show and Sale is a premier livestock exhibition and sale that has been held for the last six years and has grown to be one of the major events in the Agricultural Society of Kenya’s calendar. Brookside has over the years remained the title sponsor of the show which has come to be commonly known as the Brookside Livestock Breeders Show and Sale.

We, as an entity believe in quality and uphold the same through our Quality Policy, ‘To guarantee the best product for our customers, investment in efficiency and quality will guide our partnership with farmers, our milk production and distribution process’. To ensure that quality goes uncompromised, the production cycle begins making its mark from the farm level with its farmers.

This has given rise to the Brookside partnership with farmers through our extension services that include: Credit facilities for feeds, Loan facilities for expansion, CSR activities – through development of community infrastructure, and Dairy Training Courses held around the region.

These DTC’s zero in on educating farmers on best practices as concerns their livestock. The crowning event of the courses is the BLBSS that is aimed to bringing together stakeholders of the industry in one sitting.

Grand Parade
Grand Parade
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