Delamere is Kenya’s premium milk brand with almost 90 years in the milk processing industry. Delamere has over the years set the standard for milk and milk products and age has only made the quality better.

Delamere Flavoured Yoghurts

Sufficient satisfaction
Delamere yoghurt is a thick, nutritious beverage that will get your taste buds tingling to leave you full and smiling

Nutritional Information Approraximate min value per 100g
Energy 155mg
Carbohydrates 122mg
Protein 200 IU
Fat 45 IU
Potassium 406.6KJ
Calcium 12.0g
Vitamin A 4.3g
Vitamin D 3.5g


Varieties: Strawberry, Passion, Pineapple & Vanilla in 500ml Strawberry & Vanilla in 3 litres
Pasteurised Whole Milk, Sucrose, Skimmed Milk Powder, Stabilizer (E1442, E440), Permitted Food Colour (E162/E161b), Food Grade Flavour & Beneficial
live cultures (Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus Bulgaricus)
500ml (28 per crate), 3 Litres (12 per crate), Shelf life: 21 days, Refrigeration: 4ºc- 8ºc
Shelf life:
21 days, Refrigeration: 4ºc- 8ºc