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Our pride lies in your satisfaction. Which is why we take great care in ensuring the quality and freshness of our wide array of dairy products. Whichever you choose, rest assured that our products will keep you refreshed and healthy.

Brookside is Kenya’s no.1 milk brand that provides quality products to all customers that bear the Diamond mark of quality from the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS).


An orchard of great taste
Be spoilt for choice as fruity sweetness joins milky goodness to keep you healthy and strong.

Nutritional Information Approraximate min value per 100g
Energy 508.6kJ
Carbohydrates 18.0g
Protein 4.3g
Fat 3.5g
Potassium 155mg
Calcium 122mg
Vitamin A 200 IU
Vitamin D 45 IU
Description 100ml, 150ml, available in Strawberry, Peach,
Apricot, Fruit Sensation, Banana, Pineapple, Guava & Passion
  500ml available in Strawberry, Peach, Apricot &
Fruit Sensation
I ngredients Pasteurised Whole Milk, Sucrose, Skimmed Milk Powder,
Stabilizer (E1442, E440), Real fruit pieces and Beneficial live
cultures, (Streptococcus thermophillus and Lactobacillus
Shelf Life 6 weeks
Refrigeration Keep refrigerated at 4 – 8oC
Size Case Packing Net weight (ltrs)
100ml cup
12 per tray
150ml cup
12 per tray
500ml cup
12 per tray